Lions and tigers and….Stains? Oh my.

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Lions and tigers and….Stains?  Oh my.
  • Why stains should not be a reason to clean your carpet

People have all sorts of stains.  Red stains, blue stains, pink stains, and purple stains.  I mean, pick a color on a color wheel.  No forget that, pick a color out of one of those Crayola 120 color crayon boxes, and know that that color has been stained on a carpet somewhere, somehow.  Stains happen all the time.  So why should they not be a reason to get your carpets cleaned?  That’s easy.  Because stains can be easily cleaned by you at home right when they happen!

How to clean stains.

  • Focus on the right things

When a stain occurs often a person looks for the exact chemical or tool to remove whatever caused the stain.  Forget what the stain is at first.  It doesn’t matter if you spill red wine or milk, there are two kinds of stains.  Wet stains and dry stains.  If the stain is dry it’s probably already set in.  These types are harder to get out.  For these you can check out my blog post on “How to get out a permanent stain” or you can call a professional like me!


Wet stains.  The best time to get a stain out is right after it happens.  Most people run for a wet rag.  If you are running for one right now STOP IT!!!  I am teasing, but seriously, stop it.  Rubbing a stain with a wet rag can permanently set it into your carpet.  Forget the wet rag and go for a dry rag and or some paper towels.

Step 1 – If there are any large pieces that are not liquid, remove them with your hand or a spoon into the trash.

Step 2 – Blot.  Don’t rub.  Take the dry towel, lay it on top of the wet stain, and press your hand firmly down on top of the towel.  The liquid staining your carpet will start to soak into the dry towel.  Once you feel its wetness on your palm rotate the towel to a dry section and repeat.

Step 3 – Pressure.  As you blot out the liquid using the technique above keep a large amount of pressure on your palm.  The easiest way to do this is to put your weight on the arm pressed against the towel.  Doing this will allow the maximum amount of liquid to soak up out of the carpet and into the towel.

Step 4 – Continue rotating the towel to a dry section, or get a new towel if needed, and put pressure on it until no more liquid comes out of the carpet.

Step 5 – At this point most times you will find that the stain is gone.  If your stain is gone, give yourself a pat on the back, stop reading this blog, and relax! If it is not you can go on to step six, or check out my blog on stain removal HERE.

Step 6 – So the liquids gone, the carpet is slightly damp, and the stain is still visible.  Grab some clear hand soap and mix it with water.  Use around one fourth of a teaspoon of clear handsoap per quart of water.  Rinse the spot with the soapy water.  Then dry the stain using the blotting techniques from steps two through four.  Repeat until the stain is gone!

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